Saturday, August 26, 2023

A Quilt Can Wrap Someone in Love - Quilt Donations for Maui

Thoughts and prayers can hold someone up spiritually, but a quilt can wrap them in love.

Wrap the World with Quilts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to sending quilts and sewing machines where they're most needed.

Their mission statement says it all:

Through the gift of a handmade quilt, we provide comfort and love, warmth and human connection to those suffering around the world.

Wrap the World with Quilts has been sending quilts to Ukraine but have recently added Maui as an option. Use the drop-down location option, "Wherever Needed Most," to route your donation to Maui. The "Aloha Quilts Donation Drive" began with Marilyn at the Maui Quilt Shop. If you'd like to register quilts as a group, just include a note in the box with a name and email and specify they should go to Maui.

Marilyn says, "Your donated quilts will be distributed wisely to those affected by this horrible fire. These quilts will give them comfort and help them heal as they try to overcome this tragedy. Thank you for caring about Maui! With Love and Aloha."

For shipping, Wrap the World with Quilts has partnered with GiveBackBox and UPS for an inexpensive shipping option that will go directly to the receiving organization. Donations may also be sent directly to the Maui Quilt Shop at 18 Central Ave, Wailuku, HI 96793

Go to THIS LINK to add the label to your cart. The address will be preprinted and, after you pay the $20 flate rate fee, the label will be emailed to you. Simply print it out to place on your package. The label will cover the costs for any size box up to 50 lbs.

Just drop it off at any UPS store.

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