Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sew a Chanel-Style Jacket with the Kingstowne Clothiers

Over the next 6 months, the sewists of the Kingstowne Clothiers will be working on a Chanel-style jacket sew-along beginning in July. Joann's frequently features sales on sewing patterns, so here is an opportunity to mark your calendars for good deals (Simplicity is on sale May 25-28; Butterick is on sale May 30-June 2; and Vogue and McCall's are on sale June 1-4). Alternatively, you may purchase them online (good deals for Club BMV members).

Suggested patterns include:
Additional supplies you will need for this sew-along include:
The sewing calendar and details are listed below. All meetings take place at the Franconia Government Center Community Room, 6121 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA. The meeting location is approximately 2 miles from the Franconia-Springfield Metro for those who use mass transit. The Moovit app provides more detailed instructions.

All meetings start at 10:30 am and end at 12:30 pm. Many times, the room is not booked after 12:30 so we may have the option to remain longer to finish up our sewing tasks.

June 16: At this meeting, we will discuss patterns, fabric and lining selection, and any supplies needed. We will compare measurements to the pattern, and make any adjustments to create our muslin. Please bring swatches of your potential fabric and lining to this meeting. Your homework will be to purchase the fabric and lining and any additional sewing supplies.

July 21: The focus will be on fitting the muslin and thread tracing the pattern onto the fashion fabric. At this meetings, sewists should expect to complete the shell tracing. They should also cut out the shell and lining fabric.

August 18: At this meeting, the focus will be on quilting the lining to the shell pieces and quilting the sleeves. Home work will be completing any remaining quilting tasks.

September 15: The focus of this meeting will be on assembling the shell and hand-sewing the lining. Sewists should expect to complete the shell and any remaining hand-sewing at home before the next meeting.

October 20: At this meeting, the focus will be on completing the sleeves. If not accomplished at the meeting, homework will include sewing the sleeves and sewing in the sleeve lining.

November 17: The focus of this meeting will be on making buttons and sewing the bound buttonholes. Sewists should complete the buttons and buttonholes for the coat prior to the December meeting.

December 15: The focus will be on the final details: trim and pockets as well as adding the jacket weights to make it hang nicely! At this meeting, sewists should expect to apply trim, stitch the  pockets into place, and sew in the chain. Anything not completed should be easily finished at home!

January 19: Everybody should be ready to model their Chanel-style jackets for the January meeting and be prepared for runway modeling at the Spring Fling!

References include:
Craftsy Class: The Iconic Tweed Jacket
The Couture Cardigan Jacket: Secrets from a Chanel Collector by Claire Shaeffer
Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer
Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims by Claire Shaeffer
Creating Couture Embellishment by Ellen W. Miller

Other resources:
Threads magazine (Part 1-3 series)
The Jacket
Tweed and Boucle: The Classic Cardigan Jacket

Is sewing a Chanel-style jacket on your bucket list? What other sew-alongs would you suggest?


  1. what times do session's begin.

  2. All sessions begin at 10:30am and end at 12:30pm. We may be able to stay longer to finish up sewing tasks if no one else has reserved the room.