Saturday, October 1, 2016

Charity Sewing Project - Clothing for Children in Appalachia

by Martha Walker

In June ASG NoVa donated 95 dresses, 12 slips, eight nightgowns, and 25 tote bags! Another seven dresses, six slips, and 40 tote bags have been donated.
Tender Loving Care Ministries, ministering to the clothing needs of underprivileged children of the Appalachian Mountains, has merged with Prayers to Action in Kentucky. They service Kentucky, West Vir- ginia and parts of Virginia.
Poverty in Appalachia is extreme. Many children live in conditions that border on those of Third World countries. As a result, many children are socially and academically behind by the time they enter school. Between 75 and 80% of the children at these schools live in homes where the income is below the poverty level.
Things you can sew or make: Sizes 4 - 14 are the requested sizes
For dresses, jumper & blouse sets, pajamas, slips and sweat- ers, you may use any pattern suitable for young children. Designs and fabric must be appropriate for young children. Tights or socks, undies, hair bows, bracelets, and barrettes can be purchased to complete the outfits.
Pajamas for boys and nightgowns for girls are also useful.
ALL garments must be labeled with size. Labels should be made of fabric that can withstand laundering and permanently secured to the garment; if you cannot attach a fabric label please pin a paper label with the size on the front of the garment. Please clip all threads.
Christmas Distribution is November 15 –
long sleeves only on garments.
Garments will be collected at Sharing Threads meetings the third Wednesday each month
. The last day to
turn in garments is Saturday, October 22 at the Annual Meeting.

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