Monday, March 2, 2015

Well—Who Knew! Sewing Machine Maintenance

By Carolyn Harris

Robert Hines of Sun Sew Vac (7770 Richmond Hwy Suite E; presented the Alexandria Seamsters January program at Hancock Fabrics. He gave us “Tips for Sewing Machine Maintenance,” and I was really surprised by a couple of them. I’ve always felt like I do a good job of maintaining my machines, but I fail on these two items, but I won’t any longer!
  • Oil your machine after every 2 hours of sewing (1/4 drop at appropriate places).
  • Change your needle after every 2 hours of sewing (he finds regular needles work fine). 
The other tips were pretty familiar:
  • Use a mini-vacuum attachment set to clean outside of machine and in bobbin area. (DO NOT use compressed air or blow into the machine.)
  • Use a surge protector for each machine (don’t confuse with a power strip).
  • Use best quality thread you can afford.
  • Have professional maintenance every year, at least & maybe more often depending on the amount of sewing done.
Robert is busier now after he was mentioned in a July 2014 Washington Post article on “How to Repair a Vintage Sewing Machine.”

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