Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy Sew Year! Are You Ready for The Make Nine Challenge?

The Make Nine photo collage is an Instagram phenomenon which posted users' "Best Nine" photos that received responses on Instagram. A group of yarn and fabric bloggers spearheaded by Rochelle of Home Row Fiber adapted this to become the "Make Nine Challenge" in 2016. 

The intent of the "Make Nine Challenge" is to move you to complete projects over an entire year. The Make Nine Challenge officially begins on January 1, 2019! 

Rochelle has some good advice for you:

This is a gentle challenge. It’s not one that you can fail. It’s meant to be flexible, a tool you can use to evaluate your motivations and needs for working towards specific things as the year goes on. This is meant to be a challenge focused on learning more about yourself and your making habits while achieving goals. Work at your own pace and join in at any time. – That’s it!

Questions to consider when you choose your projects: 

  1. What do you want or need? Be forgiving about pattern choice, but get specific about what you want or need to make this year.
  2. What is important to you on this sewing journey? There are many ways to categorize your nine projects: specific patterns from your stash; techniques you want to practice or incorporate into your projects; Craftsy classes you've purchased but haven't watched, let alone do sew-alongs; maybe even new sewing books you haven't read....This can be an adventure or it can be something more practical. It's all up to you. 
  3. What do you love making? What do you hate making? There's no point in creating something that doesn't give you pleasure (even if it's a #failure in the end----it's still learning!).   
  4.  Is there a technique, sewing niche, or style you'd like to explore? If you have the time and patience to explore, knowing it may not be something you like or wear in the end, this is a wonderful opportunity to grow and improve.

If you're up for this challenge, which begins officially on January 1, 2019, tag Rochelle on Instagram (@makeninechallenge) and remember your hashtag: #MakeNine so we can see all the wonderful projects everyone is working on!